Are Your Lips on the "Downturn?"

by 12 April 26, 2009 0 Comments

Funny Lips Just a quick tip on how to perk up lips that have taken a downturn, either just by heredity or with age.  Have you ever had people ask you why you were mad or sad when there really wasn't anything wrong?  This could possibly have been because of something as simple as  a "downturn" in your lips, which can give someone the impressions that you are mad or sad. 

Fortunately, reversing this predicament is a very easy.  The fix creates an illusion of an "upturn".  And it only takes two steps.

1.  Use a lip liner in a nude lip color to line and fill your lips, such as Rose Petal or Neutral Lip. When lining, don't go completely to the corners of your lips.  Bring the line up and fill the bottom lip a 1/4 inch or so from the edge.

2.  Fill in the center of the bottom lip with a gloss, such as Rose Petal Lip Gloss when you are finished or color the whole lip with the regular shade you use and then dab a lighter shade in the center of the lower lip, such as Shimmery Bronze Lip Gloss for a "pop" to draw attention to the center of your lips. 

The result will be a happy, full pout with no anger or sadness in sight!