Applying Eve Organics Mineral Foundations

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Applying Eve Organics mineral foundations is very easy, however there is one thing to remember:

Our products are extremely concentrated in color.  When you receive the foundation, it will probably look darker that the shade you would think would be used on your skin.  This is because our products are free of fillers and you use a very small amount to achieve the look would have with a larger amount of other products.Foundation_sifter  Eve Organics Mineral Foundation will come with a clear sticker over the sifter on the inside of the jar.  The easiest way to use the foundation, without it getting too messy, is to use a pair of scissors and cut a small piece of pie shape over three of the holes.  This way you can control the amount of product you use.

To begin, your

To use the foundation:

  1. Invert the jar bottom and tap a small amount of foundation out onto the inside of the container lid. 

    The amount should be no more than the size of a pea (believe it or not!).  The biggest mistake customers make when using Eve Organics Mineral Makeup is using too much.  It's hard to believe that this little amount will do it's job, but it really does.  In the rare occasion that you may need a little more coverage, you can always repeat the application process.
  2. Take a tight bristled brush (Kabuki or Handi Flat Top Brush), place the bristles into the top of the container and swirl around until all of the product is gone from the lid. Accbru012t 
    The reason you need a brush with tight bristles is because as you swirl the product into the brush, the bristles hold the product in, releasing only a little at a time while you apply it to the face.  If you use a brush with looser bristles, you will get a lot of product in one spot when you touch the brush to your face.  This is not the effect you are trying to achieve.
  3. Now, take the brush and apply to your face in circular motions.  Brush over the entire face about 4-5 times (without adding more product to the brush). 

    This repetition allows the skin to warm the product and create an airbrushed effect ~ diffused and soft.  Wait a minute or two before you decide if you need add any more because 9 times out of 10, you won't need to.
  4. Apply a bronzer or blush.  Using the same method as the foundation, apply bronzer in the shape of an E and a 3 to your face (forehead, down around the outside of the temple, down into the hollows of the cheeks and down under the chin; on both sides).  Add blush to the apples of the cheeks with only a fraction of the amount of product you used above.

    Most of the time, after applying a mineral foundation, you will need to apply either a bronzer or blush.  The foundation is so good at creating a blank canvas, that you look flat and need some depth put back into your face. When finished with your jar of product, place a cotton ball on top of the sifter before closing the lid to keep minerals from sifting out of the jar while in transit. If you keep your makeup in your house and don't travel too much, this step is not necessary.

You will absolutely love the finished product.  Beautiful, radiant skin with a young, healthy glow and to top it off, you used products that are healing and safe for your body!