5 Tips to "Greening" Your Home

by 12 February 21, 2010 0 Comments

Man laying down I have been reading a lot of tips lately on how to green your home, little by little.  Becoming more environmentally conscious does not have to be an all or nothing thing.  Pick what you feel is tugging at your heart the most and start there.

I will be periodically adding tips I pick up to pass on.  All it takes is a little spark to get ya' going.

1.  Cut Back on Paper Towels -  Try to use cotton washcloths, hand towels or washable viscose cloths (more absorbent than paper towel) in the kitchen.

2.  Avoid BPA - Blisphenol A (a cancer-causing chemical found in many plastic containers, known to leach into food and drinks) is found in many food or drink containers.  Try to only use safer plastic containers, labeled #2, #4 or #5 on the bottom.

3.  Use Reusable Shopping Bags - Using recycled or reusable shopping bags saves a ton of plastic waste.

4.  Keep a Full Freezer - Empty freezers use more energy to stay cold that full ones.  If you don't have a ton of food in there, fill bags of ice to fill in the open spaces.

5. Forget the Garbage Disposal - Either compost to reuse food scraps as fertilizer or throw away (yes, I said throw away) food scraps.  It takes much more energy to run the garbage disposal, and the food ends up in the landfill after taking a trip through the sewage treatment plant.  Besides energy savings, you'll save 2,000 gallons of water a year too.

Sometimes just hearing simple tips helps us get started.  Again, it's not an all or nothing, but starting to take simple steps means everything.