5 Tips for Healthy Feet

by 12 April 12, 2010 0 Comments

Foot Sandal weather is just around the corner. Feet feeling a little funky? 

According to easygrooming.com, only 5 steps keep your piggies happy.

Your feet contain the nerve endings of every nerve in your body hence it is essential that your feet are well maintained so ensure that you are in the best of health. The most common feet problems are smelly feet, cracked feet or corns. The simplest way to get rid of all feet problems is by treating them in the right way as soon as you find the problems.

  1. Most feet problems start off with the wrong footwear. Make sure your feet are comfortable and there is enough breathing room in the shoes to avoid smelly feet and corns.
  2. Wash your feet with warm soapy water and pat them dry. Make sure you dry well between your toes. Also scrub your heels with a foot scrub or pumice stone before putting cream on it to remove dry dead skin and your heels will feel soft and smooth.
  3. Cracked heels are usually caused due to dry heels. Make sure they are well moisturized but avoid putting the cream between your toes as it is usually damp in those places.
  4. Make sure you use clean and comfortable socks before you wear your shoes especially in summer when your feet tend to get sweaty. This is to avoid the shoes from getting smelly and remain clean. You could also apply some powder to keep your feet dry.
  5. Treat your feet to a pedicure or massage every two to three months to keep your feet smooth and clean.
Follow these 5 tips to get your feet in top shape for summer.