5 Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

by 12 January 25, 2010 0 Comments

Tired ladyIt seems like my eyes are the first to show that I'm tired, allergic, had a long night or have sinusitis.  Any time of year, I can almost guarantee I'll have puffy eyes for some reason or another.

If you are anything like me or even have an occasional case of the puffies, try one of these tried and true natural remedies:

1.  Cucumber Slices - Slice a refrigerated cucumber into 1/4" thick coins.  Lie down and place cucumbers over closed eyes for about 10 minutes;

2.  Black Tea Bags - After drinking a cup of tea, put aside your used tea bag for mornings you wake up with puffy eyes.  Prior to lying down, run bags under cold water.  Apply tea bags to closed eyes for 10 minutes to reduce fluid retention;

3.  Elevate Head - To prevent or minimize swelling from the start, try sleeping with your head elevated so that fluid drains downward and doesn't pool in the eye area;

4.  Cold Spoons - Another use for the kitchen silverware!  Run a spoon or two under extremely cold water.  Apply spoons to a puffy area around the eye for 60 seconds; moving to the next puffy area.  If spoon seems to warm, run under cold water again as necessary;

5.  Potato Slices - Place slices of potato over eyes for 5-10 minutes.  The potassium in the potato counteracts dark circles and puffiness.

So, the next time you have puffy eyes, raid the kitchen and use two pillows!