4 Easy Ways to Find Your Skin Tone

by 12 August 17, 2009 0 Comments

To some it may be easy, but to others, finding the right colors to flatter their skin tone is a chore.  If you follow these few easy ways to find the right colors for you, it will be much easier to choose a blush, eyeshadow shade or even a blouse that will flatter you by eliminating the colors you know will not work.

The majority of people break down into either WARM or COOL skin tones.  Very few, although there are some, can wear anything (they would be considered NEUTRAL).  Try any one or a couple of these tips to find our your true coloring.

1. Try on a bracelet in gold and silver, one on each hand.  If you look better in gold, you are warm toned; if you look better in silver, you are cool toned.  If you are not sure, try another tip.

2.  Wrap an orange and then a pink towel over your head or around your neckline.  Do you look better in orange?  You are warm.  Pink?  You are cool.Warm Skin Tone

3.  Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.  If they look green, you are warm; if they look blue or purple, you are cool.

4.  Try on a white blouse and then an off-white or creme colored blouse.  If you look better in white, you are cool.  If you look better in the creme or off-white colored blouse, you are warm.Cool Skin

Now, if you are one of the few who try these tips and don't really feel one color flatters more than the other on more than two of these tests, you could possibly be NEUTRAL.  But, I would suggest you get a friend or family member to give you their opinion.  Sometimes a second set of eyes may help you see the difference.

Look for the new coding on our makeup products in the next few weeks.  We will be labeling our colors with W for Warm, C for Cool and E for Everyone.  Some colors are pretty neutral and look good on everybody.

As a general rule, following are certain colors to look for, either in makeup or clothing, to flatter your skin tone:

WARM:  Orange, Brown, Rust, Yellow, Orange-Red, Camo or Deep Green, Tan, Nudes, Coral, Gold,Off White

COOL: Pink, Turquoise Blue, Lilac, Lavender, True Red, Black, Gray, Silver, Bright Neon Greens, Silver and White

Have any comments, tips or input?  Leave a comment . . . we love to hear from you!