3 Reasons Why Eve Organics Products Contain Essential Oils

by 12 October 10, 2009 0 Comments

Eo If you've been following our blog and have read some of the information on the Eve Organics website, you can see a common thread to our posts and products . . . essential oils. 

I truly believe in the healing properties of essential oils.  The essential oils in our products are therapeutic grade (or hospital grade), the highest quality available.  Except for the few essential oils, such as jasmine, rose, and neroli, which are never safe for ingestion, therapeutic grade essential oils are always extracted by steam distillation or cold pressing, depending on the plant.  This grade of oil is pure enough to ingest.

I love to use this forum to give you all ideas on how to use these wonderful oils at home for other purposes, such as natural remedies, make-at-home skin care and other aspects of well-being, because after all, although Eve Organics provides skin care and makeup, we are not only made of skin and faces. 

I will continue posting periodically about ways you can use essential oils in every day life, because it works . . . that's how Eve Organics evolved.  It started with essential oils.

Eve Organics uses essential oils in our products because:

1.  For thousands of years, essential oils have been known to assist the body in healing itself. Different essential oils effect the body in different ways.  We use specialized blends in our skin care to promote skin health.  Each skin care line is formulated with essential oils to correct a specific skin condition: 

  • Balance is for hormonal balance, formulated to keep the combination skin's balance between dry and oily and help with periodic hormonal breakouts.
  • Clarity is for acne prone or oily skin, formulated to to keep the skin clear by killing bacteria and calming breakouts.
  • Renewal is for dry/mature skin, to promote skin regeneration, help fine lines and wrinkles and lighten dark spots.

2.  Essential oils are natural preservatives.  Most are antibacterial, antifungal and/or antimicrobial.  This is how we are able to preserve our products naturally and safely, without chemicals, which are the culprit of many sensitivities and allergies. 

3.  We believe in bringing ourselves back to the basics.  Our bodies are so bombarded with environmental, household, and other types of toxins, that we believe that simplifying our routines and the products we use everyday may help our bodies fight off the irritants, pollution, chemicals and pesticides that we cannot control coming in contact with.

What do you want to learn about essential oils or what types of remedies would you like to try?  Comment here and we'll do our best to post about your interests!

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