3 Crazy Easy Ways to Brighten and Moisturize Dry, Winter Skin

by Todra Payne January 06, 2017 0 Comments

3 Crazy Easy Ways to Brighten and Moisturize Dry, Winter Skin

I really thought when I moved to SoCal, I’d be able to kiss my dry, winter skin good-bye. Shockingly, that hasn’t been the case. Why is life full of plot twists? First of all, it does get cold in SoCal; not teeth-chattering cold like I grew up with on the East Coast, but 39 degrees (in December) is still cold in my book. To my dismay, I have to run a heater in the evenings, which has not made my skin happy. I miss the old days of steam heaters.

What I’ve discovered is my lightweight summer skincare isn’t cutting it in December and January - even in Southern California. If you live some place that’s seriously cold and dry, I know you’re battling this, too. Here are three easy tips to get your skin baby-cheeks soft again.

1.  Exfoliate: I’m surprised by how many women say they don’t exfoliate. Using a gentle facial scrub is the number one way to quickly get bright, beautiful skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and patchy, especially in winter. As you age, your skin doesn’t regenerate itself as quickly as when you were, say, a teenager, so exfoliation helps here, too. Besides the obvious visual difference exfoliating makes, it also keeps your pores clear so you don’t get breakouts.

A simple DIY exfoliant: mix a pinch of fine sugar with jojoba or sesame oil to form a paste. Gently rub in circular motions all over your face, avoiding eye areas. Do this once-a-week exfoliation and see how gorgeous your skin looks.

2.  Use Creamy Cleansers: If you’re prone to dry skin, be sure to reach for a creamy cleanser versus a foaming cleanser. Most foaming cleansers, especially the ones you can get at drugstores, have ingredients that strip necessary fats from your skin, which makes it difficult for your skin to retain water (main source of moisture). This dries your skin even further. Creamy (or milky) cleansers with gentle, natural ingredients cleanse without stripping, leaving you with a fresh, clean face and all of your oils in tact.

3.  Choose The Correct Moisturizer + Serums: It’s tempting to buy one moisturizer and forget about it from season to season. But that doesn’t work in most cases. I definitely have an arsenal of products for summer that are completely different from my winter stash. Look for moisturizers with antioxidants (protects the body from free radicals) such as green, white and rooibos teas, as they calm inflammation and hydrate your skin. Vitamin C helps with collagen formation, which makes the skin look plump and youthful, no matter how dry it is outside.

Want an extra moisture boost? Use a warm mist air humidifier at night. My skin and hair loves it!

Do you have cold-weather strategies to combat dry skin? Please share!



Todra Payne
Todra Payne